The Open Academy

The Open Academy is a structural unit of the Luther Academy that ensures the availability, offer and management of lifelong learning. The Open Academy is not a legal entity. 

The goal of the Open Academy is to promote the availability, offer and development of lifelong learning in LA, ensuring the quality of continuing education and professional improvement for everyone who studies, works, looks for work or plans further education and career, in order to promote personality development in accordance with the values of the Christian faith, the requirements of the labour market, as well as own needs and interests.

Tasks of the Open Academy: 

1. To coordinate the LA informal education programme "Theology and Ministry", offering the opportunity to anyone interested:

- to apply for one of the LA study courses as an attendee or a free listener student: 

- the attendee is given the opportunity to fully learn the content of the courses, take tests and receive an assessment in the chosen study course like any LA student, get involved in student activities, receive support, use the LA infrastructure, and after successful completion of the selected study courses (in the amount of 40 CP) receive an LA diploma. 

The issued LA diploma certifies that the credits corresponding to the study course have been obtained, which, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers' regulations "Recognition of study results achieved in previous education or professional experience", allows the interested party to apply to any higher education establishment or college in Latvia with a request to recognize the acquired knowledge, skills and competences for the acquired content of the study course. If the student wishes to study in LA's bachelor's programme "Theology", the credits obtained in the "Theology and Ministry" programme are equalized and recognized in full. 

- the free listener is given the opportunity to learn the content of the chosen course, get involved in student activities, receive support, use the LA infrastructure. At the end of the course, the free listener does not take a test and does not receive a certificate of completion of the course.

The Open Academy studies can be organized in Latvian or English, full-time in person, full-time extramural and distance learning.

 2. Administer and coordinate LA's offer of conituning education and professional improvement. 

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