International conference in practical theology "To be the Church of Christ!"
 6-8 February, 2020 at Saldus St. Gregor Education centre

Panel 1 - The Seven marks of the Church, PhD student Sebastian Grünbaum, Lutheran Mission Diocese, Finland
              Respondent: Dr. Konstantin Subbotin, Dean of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ingria and appointed rector at its Theological Institute, Ingria, Russia

Panel 2 - The Office of the Church, Dr.theol, university lecturer Tomas Appelqvist, Sweden
              Respondent: Docent, Dr. Folke T. Olofsson, Sweden

Panel 3 - Equipping for the Office of the Church, Dr.theol, prof.Christoph Barnbrock, SELK, Lutherische Theologische Hochschule Oberursel, Germany
             Respondent: Dr. theol. Alexey Streltsov, Theological Seminary of SELC, Russia

Panel 4 - Being a Church with Experience of Persecution, Dr.theol. Darius Petkunas, Lithuania
             Respondent: Dr.theol., docent Guntis Kalme, Luther Academy, Latvia

Panel 5 - Being Church for the World, The Most Reverend Janis Vanags D.D., Archbishop of Riga, Luther Academy, Latvia
             Respondent: Pastor Jon Ehlers, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, United Kingdom

Panel 6 - Being Church of Christ, Dr.theol. Rune Imberg, Lutheran school of Theology Gothenburg, Sweden
Panel 6, part II - Being Church of Christ, Q&A

Panel 7 - Being a church in the Church, Dr.theol Alexey Streltsov,Theological Seminary of SELC, Russia
             Respondent: Dr .theol. Timothy Quill, professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, USA


Latvian Church history conference "The Church of Latvia in a Hundred Years" 

16 November, 2018 at Luther Academy

1. Juris Neikens in his life and work, Mg.phil. Ilona Miezīte

2. Materials of the History of the Church of Latvia outside Latvia, Professor, Dr.theol. Jouko Talonens, read by Dr.theol. Voldemārs Lauciņš

3. The spiritual perimeter of the [average] Latvian lutheran of 1915, Dr.theol. Voldemārs Lauciņš

4.  Lutheran Church "latvianization" projects and attempts in the Republic of Latvia (1918-1940), Dr.phil. Agita Misāne

5.  Church Support of  National guerrilla struggles, 1944 – 1956, Dr.theol. Guntis Kalme

6. Latvian Lutheran theology under communist occupation ghettoes, Dr.theol. Uģis Sildegs

7. In a Church in occupied Latvia: KGB opponent, victim or cover-up?, Mg.iur. Linards Muciņš

‌8. Reflections on less covered events before the Third Awaking and during Barricades, Mg.theol. Aleksandrs Bite

‌9. 25 years of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, STM Juris Uļģis


 International conference dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Reformation "Lutheran Reformation: heritage of the past, challenges of today26-27 May, 2017 at Riga City Council

‌1. Evidence of the Reformation in our cultural history. Prof.Ojārs Spārītis

‌2. The role of the Reformation in the history of book publishing and libraries. Dr.Andris Vilks

‌3. Reformation in Education: School, Teacher and Textbook. Dr.Aīda Krūze

‌4. Reformācijas laika liecības gŗamatās un rokrakstos. Dr.Aija Taimiņa

‌5. Messianic necessity Acts 3, 21 and Luke 24, 26. Dr.Michael Albrecht

‌6. Luther's concept of "Christ for us" as a fundamental principle of Lutheran theology. Dr.Guntis Kalme

‌7. Church attempts to deconstruct Luther today. Dr.Scott Murray

‌8. Reformation as Rechristianization? - on the way to a better understanding of Luther's mission concept. Dr.Michal Valčo

‌9. Lutheran mission in a challenging environment (the example of post-Soviet Russia). Dr.Alan Ludwig

‌10. Mission in migration conditions caused by globalization. Mg.Uģis Brūklene

‌11. Reconstruction of events described in the Bible, a method in Luther's exegesis. Mg.Aleksandrs Bite

‌12. Lutheranism Before Luther: Lutheran Principles of Interpretation in Hebrews. Mg.Laila Čakare

‌13. Luther, Lutheran churches and mission. Dr.Rune Imberg

‌14. Research methods of the biblical text inspired by the Reformation. Dr.Ralfs Kokins

‌15. Explanation of the Epistle to the Romans/24 thesis presentation.

‌16. The primacy of Christ as a principle of the Lutheran Reformation. Jānis Vanags D.D.

‌17. An insight into the Catholic-Lutheran joint document "From Conflict to Communion". Dr.Zbigņevs Stankevičs

‌18. "Aurea ... sunt tempora, nescia belli/ These are golden ... times that know no war". Reform ideas in Livonian political culture before the Reformation. Dr.Andris Levāns

‌19. The connection between the Wittenberg (Lutheran) Reformation and the theological foundation of the first Latvian church. Mg.Juris Uļģis

‌20. The Lutheran theology of the cross in the conditions of the communist ghetto - the example of pastor N. Plāte. Dr.Uģis Sildegs

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