The Luther Academy announces a competition for 2 positions of academic staff: 

                                       docent –  in the subfield of Church History; 

                                       lecturer –  in the subfield of Systematic Theology. 

Fixed-term employment contract - the term of election (six years). 

Salary: up to EUR 1124 gross per month for a rate of 1.0. 

The workload of academic staff is updated each academic year. 

Applicants can familiarize themselves with the tasks of the academic position and the procedure for election to academic positions in accordance with the "Regulations of the Luther Academy on Academic Positions" here>.

Documents to be submitted: 

-  an application addressed to the rector for participation in the competition, indicating the position, for which they are applying; 

-  transcripts or copies of documents certifying the academic and scientific degrees required for the corresponding position (presenting the originals);

-  the life and work history of the applicant for an academic position according to the "EUROPASS" Curriculum Vitae sample form, which also indicates research, academic, administrative and organizational work experience, a list of published works in the last six years and other documents that the applicant wishes to add to the application, in order to more fully describe one's qualifications; 

- 2 recommendations, incl. 1 recommendation from the Bishops' College of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. 

Documents to be submitted by 12 December, 2022 in person to the LA Study Department or electronically:

Additional information by phone: (371) 29128655. 

Based on the General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data provided in the applicant's application documents will be processed to ensure the conduct of this competition. Luther Academy is the controller of personal data processing specified in the application documents. 

2024. gada 18. jūlijs
Vārda dienas: Rozālija, Roze

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