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The Academy library was founded in 1998. The initial basis of the collection was made up of several thousand books donation belonging to Rev. Dr. Edmund Schlink, including the Weimar edition of the works of Martin Luther.

Invaluable is the body of books collected by Prof. Roberts Feldmanis over his lifetime, which forms the fund of books on Latvian Church history (900 books), general history of Latvia and history of outer mission.

Among other generous donations, a special thanks goes to pastor of the Latvian Church Abroad - Dr. Modris K. Gulbis and pastor Jānis Sanders granddaughter Elaine Sanders Snyder, with whose selfless care we have obtained the latest Bible commentaries and theological books in English. Therefore, the LA library is one of the best theological libraries in the Baltic States. In the LA library, you can find not only the literature necessary for studies, but also unique editions of theological literature.

Using the system proposed by bishop Jobst Schöne, we have classified the library books in line with the study needs of our students.

Currently the library holds approx. 26 000 books and periodicals on theology, church and theological history, philosophy, ethics, psychology, world religions, sectology, general and cultural history and various reference literature. The electronic catalogue (Nexus) presently has 25 802 entries. The collection of the library is regularly supplemented with new editions.

The purpose of the library's activity is to ensure the availability of information resources and services for Luther Academy students and academic staff.

The main task of the Luther Academy library is to ensure the study process and the development of research papers with study literature and electronic resources, in accordance with the study programmes. The Luther Academy library provides informative and practical support in the implementation of the learning process.

Any resident of Latvia or another country can use the library's reading room. Books are handed out home to lecturers, staff and students of the Luther Academy, as well as ELCL pastors and staff of the Consistory.

The library is located on 1st floor of Luther Academy, Alksnaja street 3, Riga. 

The following e-resource platforms are available at Luther Academy: 

Access is provided to LA students and lecturers by logging in with a username and password. 


The operation of the LA library is regulated by REGULATIONS OF THE LIBRARY of  the Luther Academy

Services are provided in accordance with Luther Academy RULES OF LIBRARY USE


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