The strategic goal of LA scientific research is to ensure and develop high-quality scientific and applied research in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia and guided by the corresponding documents of ELCL – ELCL Constitution (, ELCL mission (, ELCL regulations on pastoral ministry ( ) and other documents expressing the ministry's needs of ELCL, as well as from today's trends in theology and religion that affect the church's involvement in society. This research objective is pursued by LA by involving lecturers, students, local and international cooperation partners.

In the study field "Religion and Theology" LA has established the following directions of scientific and applied research:

·       general and Church history of Latvia,

·       systematic theology,

·       biblical and exegetical theology,

·       practical theology.

The main direction of scientific research of the Luther Academy: research of church history, especially aspects of the history of the Church of Latvia. 

The research directions derive from the LA strategy and are derived from the relevant areas of theology and characterize the role of each field in the study of theology and religion:

Scientific work in LA is coordinated by the Council of Science, whose activities are regulated by the by-laws of the LA Council of Science.



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