. LA management and administration

LA institutions that implement representation and management functions in academic, scientific and organizational economic issues are:

– Constitution Assembly; 

– Senate of the Luther Academy; 

– Rector: implements the general management of the Academy's administrative, academic and scientific activity and, without special authorization, represents the Academy within the limits of his competence in all matters of academic and scientific activity. The Rector annually submits a report on the work of the Academy to the Founder of the Academy.

– Audit Commission; 

– Academic Arbitration Court; 

Student Council.

J.VanagsD.D. Jānis Vanags
Archbishop of ELCL

2011 - present: Archbishop of ELCL Jānis Vanags was elected as the rector of the Luther Academy at the Constitution Assembly on August 23, 2011.

According to Article 34 of the Constitution of the Luther Academy, "if archbishop of the ELCL is elected as Rector, the term limit specified in this article does not apply to him." , i.e. for 5 (five) years no more than twice in a row.

R.GrantsMg.theol. Rinalds Grants
Deputy Rector
H.AndersoneMg.paed. Helēna Andersone
Vice Rector for Studies

Constitution Assembly

1. Bishop Uldis Gailītis – Chairman of the Constitution Assembly
2. Dr.theol. Guntis Kalme – Deputy-chairman of the Constitution Assembly
3. Student Sandra Kokina – Secretary of the Constitution Assembly
4. Bishop Mg.theol. Hanss Martins Jensons
5. Mg.theol. Laila Čakare
6. Dr.theol. Uģis Sildegs
7. Mg.art. Vilis Kolms
8. Mg.theol. Rinalds Grants
9. Mg.geol. Sigita Dišlere
10. Student Miķelis Dāvids Rikveilis
11. General Staff Representative Jēkabs Jurdžs

Senate of the Luther Academy

1. Bishop Hanss Martins Jensons – Chairman of the Senate 
2. Mg.theol. Rinalds Grants – Deputy-chairman of the Senate 
3. Elīna Ceriņa – Secretary of the Senate
4. Dr.theol. Guntis Kalme
5. Mg.theol. Laila Čakare
6. Mg.art. Vilis Kolms
7. Student Andis Grīnbergs
8. Student Miķelis Dāvids Rikveilis

Audit Commission

1. Aivars Kaņeps
2. Valdis Vircavs
3. Jānis Moors

Academic Arbitration Court

1. Gints Graudiņš
2. Uģis Sildegs
3. Laila Čakare
4. Guntis Kalme
5. Jānis Apinis

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